Treventis Diagnostics highlighted in recent press articles

The Treventis diagnostics program, headed by neurologist and medicinal chemist Dr. Sultan Darvesh, was recently featured in two news articles:–revolutionary-researcher.html?utm_source=Today@Dal&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=dalnews

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Servier and Treventis begin strategic research partnership in neurodegenerative diseases

Paris (France) and Toronto (Canada), 4 January 2018 – Servier and Treventis announce strategic research partnership in targeting misfolded proteins implicated in neurodegenerative diseases. The collaboration covers a large drug discovery program targeting both tau and amyloïde-β (Aβ), two key proteins involved in Alzheimer’s disease. This therapeutic strategy aims to provide patients with a drug that slows the progression of pathology in the brain, thereby minimizing functional decline through a disease-modifying mechanism. 

Servier and Treventis will jointly develop compounds that act as inhibitors of tau and Ab oligomer formation, identified by Treventis’ Common Conformational Morphology (CCM) platform technology. The collaboration […] Read more