Treventis Corporation presents research from its anti-oligomer therapeutic program at AAIC

July 22, 2016 – Toronto, ON – Treventis Corporation presented research from its anti-oligomer therapeutic program at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Toronto, showcasing the advances it is making in profiling (in vitro and in vivo) compounds that affect the earliest phases of beta-amyloid and tau oligomerization and demonstrating this unique mechanism of action using experimental techniques.

Mark Reed, Senior VP of Research at TREVENTIS, presented a poster entitled “Discovery of small molecule dual inhibitors of both beta-amyloid and tau oligomerization”, on behalf of the TREVENTIS therapeutics division.  This poster summarized the progress made towards in vitro and in vivo profiling of TRV 101, which was developed through the support of the Wellcome Trust, and highlighted new counter-screen and mechanism of action data supportive of its specific binding of misfolded protein (as opposed to normal protein-protein interactions).

On behalf of the TREVENTIS biology team, Seung-Pil Yang, Senior Biological Scientist at TREVENTIS, presented a poster entitled “Quantification of tau oligomers from brain tissue” in which he showed how tau oligomers could be consistently and reliably quantified in vivo using a number of techniques.  These techniques were then used to establish the natural history of tau oligomer formation in two mouse models of tauopathy.

Finally, Marcia Taylor, Director of Biological Sciences at TREVENTIS, presented work on behalf of the TREVENTIS biology team and key collaborators at York University and the University of Toronto (Scarborough).  This poster, entitled “Application of electrochemical and time-resolved electrospray ionization mass spectrometry with hydrogen/deuterium exchange (TRESI-HDX) methods to study the effect of a novel class of small molecules on tau oligomerization,” showed how compounds profiled at TREVENTIS through proprietary anti-oligomer in vitro assays could then be shown through various experimental techniques to engage tau and change its conformation in key amyloidogenic regions.

About TREVENTIS Corporation 

TREVENTIS is an early-stage pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of disease-modifying small molecule drugs for a variety of dementias including Alzheimer’s.  In addition to its therapeutic programs, TREVENTIS has a novel approach to the development of diagnostics for early diagnosis and monitoring treatment effects in Alzheimer’s disease.


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